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Staff Selection:

First: the optimal choice for security personnel and includes the following aspects:

Personal interview .. Educational qualifications ..

Age (not less than 21 years and not more than 45 years) .. Attributes and behavior ..

Get a criminal newspaper free of pre-employment precedents ..

Conduct a medical examination. Previous experience on recruitment and courses ..

Take into account the fitness at the recruitment.


Second: the equipment of the security men and then divide it as follows:

Providing the security personnel with the full official in summer and winter at the expense of the institution ..

Provide personnel with personal protection functions. (Safety shoe, solid hat etc.).

Provide the security personnel with all the security devices required by the site (such as hand lamps, mirrors).

Provision of medical insurance for employees.

Providing housing, accommodation and transportation in remote areas.

Registration of employees in social insurance.

Registration of employees in the Shamus system

Third: training and rehabilitation of security men .. This training includes the following courses:

A dedicated course in the behavior and ethics of security men ..

Basic program for security men ..

To cover security (fixed men, patrols, CCTV rooms).

Investigation of incidents .. Writing security reports ..

Identify and report on unsafe situations, situations and behavior. (Security survey) ..

Dealing with emergencies

Fire prevention, detection and fire prevention.

Preliminary Guidelines on Public Safety

First ambulance skills and evacuation of injured ..

Traffic safety and traffic control.

On-the-job training (refresher courses)

Training security personnel and informing them of the instructions and procedures used within the establishment.

Training the men on the security and safety procedures followed by the parties (the institution and the customer who owns the site).

Fourth: Permits, Instructions and Procedures in the Establishment:

Security personnel are trained to follow the special instructions set by the client as well as the official forms of the facility and the commitment to apply them.

Fifth: Organizing the distribution of security men on the sites and the distribution of tasks to them:

Distribution of security tasks in terms of guard duty centers, responsibilities and duties.

Fixed patrols .. Security patrols (foot and knees) .. Control and control rooms.

Sixth: Security Instructions for:

How security personnel treat visitors during their entry and movement within the sites .. Control the movement of vehicles entering and leaving with the people or goods (use the exit permit of materials).

Seventh: Evacuation:

Implementing the security plans of the facility and implementing the instructions for evacuation procedures in case of emergency.

Eighth: Operations Management and Performance Monitoring:

The Gulf Task Force – Ma Taku attaches great importance to the performance provided by its security guards. The organization is fully aware that the security men represent the real face of the institution to its customers. Who are professionally responsible for inviting their customers and visitors to feel confident and confident that they are in safe hands capable of protecting them and protecting their facilities.

It is the duty of the management and supervisors of the operations of the institution to ensure that the performance of security personnel is matched to what is required of them through effective supervision and daily follow-up, including the continuous pursuit of advanced security services, and the operations management of the institution on a continuous basis to monitor the performance and general conduct of security guards Around the clock, the Gulf Task Force will continue to be in constant contact with facility management to ensure that the security and safety requirements of the sites are optimized.