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Matco is conducting security officers screening through MOI before actually employing them into the business. This exercise enables Matco to recruit or to employ security officers free from criminal record activities. Matco incest to conducts background checks, finger prints, Police non-criminal certification on all potential new hires or employs.

The quality we bring to your environment begins long before you see our Security Officers.  The Executives of Matco dedicated themselves to the recruitment and training of our personnel, as we believe they are the key to our success. To that end, we conduct hiring initiatives on a regular basis.

Due to the fact that Matco standards and qualifications for employment are set very high. Many of our applicants will undergo two even three intense interviews prior to consideration for hire, unfortunately high percentage of applicants are unable to meet our standards and are therefore disqualified.


For each location managed by MATCO Security there is a site Security Manager to which each owner must report directly during each call.

The Security Manager overseeing your premises will ensure that all appointed security personnel are punctual, properly deployed and correctly attired for the job.

Our site Managers & shift supervisors can be contacted 24 hours a day and conduct random inspections of your premises to guarantee that all routine procedures and policies are strictly adhered to.

Basic Training:

  • Discipline  –  Orientation and Introduction  –  Duties of a Security Officer.
  • Appearance and Grooming  –  Proper Usages of Equipment  –  Company Policies, Systems and Procedures  –  Communication Procedures  –  Report Writing  –  Basic Duties.
  • Security Assessment  –  Emergencies Response.

Special Training:

In addition to the previously mentioned basic security courses that guards should undergo.

We at MATCO SECURITY Consider when it comes to handling the security activities at commercial Tower buildings that our specialized training to exceed most client requirements, and expectations.  Aside from the mandatory Security Specialist Training requirements our Security guards receive additional refresher courses of intensive instruction and quality training annually.  M.S.S, Security Officers are required to receive additional training in:

  • Defensive Tactics
  • Patrol Techniques and internal – external building protection
  • Customer Service & Public relations
  • Crisis Management
  • Physical/Mechanical Restraint Training
  • Pre-assignment training
  • Traffic & Crowd control
  • Effective control of visiting passes
  • Implementation of client’s Emergency Action Plan & security plan
  • Discreet apprehend & eviction of troublemakers


All security personnel are trained with the following as their forte

– Firefighting and handling fire extinguishers
– Evacuation procedures during emergencies
– Emergency reporting protocols and security & communication skills
– Basic first aid know-how

Other skills include:

– Ability to detect problems and report information to appropriate personnel
– Ability to understand and follow safety procedures
– Ability to gather data, compile information and prepare reports
– Ability to understand and follow specific instructions and procedures
– Skill in providing protection services to individuals under threat
– Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing